Michael D'Avino

On May 17, our Club lost a member who was the most determined advocate and close personal friend of all Club members for the past 25 years. Michael D’Avino passed away from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. As we struggle with this fleeting reality of life, what comes into focus is the fact that Mike, alongside Ed Karedes, has been the heart, soul and driving force behind the success of our car show. To many of our guests, Mike is the face of our show. He set a very high bar by expecting perfection from each of us but more importantly he set the example of giving no less than 110% of himself. No matter how large or small our individual show assignments have been, Mike believed that each were equally important, each requiring perfection, each resulting in the end of day satisfaction that we “done good”.

Although Mike’s biggest impact on Club Corvette of Connecticut has and always will be our show, but that by far is not the only area of Club life Mike has made his presence known. To list all the other dates, times and events would be impossible to identify, but at this moment, each of us can reflect in the solitude of our minds the individual times we shared with Mike, a kind word of welcome to the Club, sharing of Corvette info, detailing your “baby” and the stories go on.

Just as life will go on, Mike’s presence and influence in future Club activities will and should be the high bar of perfection he has established. As each of us established an individual friendship with Mike, we will also process his loss and the memories he has enriched us with. For as long as Club Corvette is an active part of the community, and as long as we host the largest and most popular Corvette Show, Mike will always be with us scooting around in the golf kart, insuring perfection from Club members and extending a warm welcome to show participants, most of whom he knew by name, and to other visitors.

Our deepest condolences, heartfelt love and concern goes out to Michael's loving partner Carole Young and Michael’s entire extended family. Along with every club member, we ask that each of you keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.

Rest in peace Michael, the show will go on, we will make you proud ... and take God for one hell of a ride in that “perfect Grand Sport”.

Your Corvette Family

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The David McDermott Auto Group, Moroso Performance Products, the Whelen Engineering Company and Guilford Texaco are Club Corvette of Connecticut's major sponsors. Their generous support allows our club to hold its Annual Corvette-Only Car Show each year at the Moroso facility in Guilford. This show is the club’s single largest event and all club members are encouraged to participate. Proceeds of the show are donated entirely to selected Connecticut charities.

McDermott Auto Group

McDermott Auto Group is a new and used car dealer in East Haven CT, offering Chevrolet and Lexus sales, service, parts, and financing. A key member of the Group, McDermott Chevrolet is your Corvette sales and service specialist.

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Moroso Performance Products, headquartered in Guilford CT, is one of the world's most respected suppliers of automotive equipment for racing and street performance applications.

Whelen Engineering Co.

The Whelen Engineering Company is an American corporation, located in Chester CT, designing and manufacturing audio and visual warning equipment for automotive, aviation, and mass notification industries worldwide.

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Guilford Texaco is a locally owned, full service repair facility for both cars and trucks; they are available 24/7 for towing and they are AAA approved.

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